Thank you for

Thank you for
The moments fine

Bright sunshine

Happier time

Soothing chime!

Thank you for

The haloed moon

Unprecedented boon

Calming noon

Singular swoon!

Thank you for

The lightening flight

Peaceful white

Dancing kite

Celestial sight!

Thank you for

The worded wing

Step daunting

Labyrinth solving

Every thing!


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Everything is fine

Fine is time

Fine is trend

Fine is rhyme

Fine is friend

Fine is day

Fine is sight

Fine is way

Fine is night

Fine is sound

Fine is light

Fine is ground

Fine is quiet

Fine is blue

Fine is green

Fine is you

Fine is me


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Travelling in bus on a rainy night

Blurred lights behind the window seep

Amidst mist foggy calming breeze

Alone in corner quietly lays

Mind behind in happier days

Of spring, and flowers glowing sun

Fading soft slowly one by one

Spilled paints on window canvas make

The lights of City wide awake

Desolate of life the road ahead

Where I go? I know not yet.


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Peaceful Sleep

Tune of merriment blowing breeze
Roars crash flashes senses seize

Splashes play joyful jittery sound
Swaying Redwood Pines earthly bound

Soothe suspended shivering night
Quiet loud flickering candle light

Peeps in the wintry freezing cold
Clutch close the blanket one more fold



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Finding a Friend

Year by year came and went
Wandering in life was all that meant

By grace so kind though at the end
Miracle! To find one true a friend

Winged words from mind and tales to tell
As if have known for eons so well

Divine The Force can only send
Blessings! To meet such true a friend



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WordPress, Why ye disappear my words?

Dear WordPress why ye disappear

Words I etched with stones so clear

It’s not sound it’s not fair

My words you dissolve in thin air

Long a spell away from home

Reading blogs along I roam

Express when I of love and care

My words you dissolve in thin air

Kins and comrades figures in space

jovial familiar charming grace

Friendly pleasantries when I share

My words you dissolve in thin air

And when with mirth a friendly note

Came and quick I neatly wrote

Back and then I saw nowhere

My words you dissolved in thin air.


(PS: For a long time, the office works clogged me from returning to blogging. But I used to roam around and read blogs. Unfortunately, some of my comments disappeared immediately after I posted on someone’s post. Sometimes it stayed and that was fine. But the disappearing comments made me crestfallen. I still find the ailment persisting in WordPress. It is disappointing.)


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