Thank God

I heard this story from a spiritual personnel,who began his session with this pleasant little story.I loved the way he narrated it.I have tried to recapture the charm of that narrative.Hope it makes a good read!

Once upon a time there was a hunter.He went to the forest to hunt.By the time it was evening, he lost his way in the jungle.He was wandering here and there in search of some shelter.He found a small hut.He knocked on the door.A sage came out.The sage was pleased to have a visitor.The hunter was also humble and paid his respects to the sage.
Next day, the sage explained how the hunter could go out of the jungle.And he gifted him a horse.He said ” This is a very special horse..It is a very spiritual horse”
“Oh” exclaimed the hunter.
“Yes”continued the sage. ” I have trained it.When you say ‘Thank God‘, it starts running, when you say ‘save me’ the horse stops”
“Oh really!That is lovely!Thank you”
 Thus the hunter climbed the horse and said goodbye to the sage.He shouted “Thank God!” and wo!! the horse neighed and made a big leap in air and started running swiftly.The hunter  was so delighted with this, he exclaimed in happiness “Thank God!” And the horse made another leap and started running even faster.
The speed was thrilling and the hunter got so consumed into ecstasy he continued shouting in delight-“Thank God,Thank God Thank God” And the horse ran even faster and faster, like the wind.Trees and bushes passed by like colours spread on canvas.Dust blew like storms around him.Suddenly the hunter  saw that they were approaching towards a deep trench some 2 kilometers ahead! His blood froze,as the horse continued to gallop towards the trench in full speed.The hunter suddenly realized that he had forgotten the command to make the horse stop.In panic he tried to recall what was the word to make it stop,while he hysterically kept on shouting “Thank God Thank God Thank God“…The horse now ran like an arrow shot off a bow..the hunter could foresee their approaching death but he couldnt recall the word.
800 meters.. 500 meters..400 meters… 300 meters,, 200 meters.. 100 meters.. the horse was just 10 meters from the trench..and out of the fear of life , it suddenly came from within.. and the hunter shouted- “SAVE ME!!!!!”
Creeeeeecccchhhhhhhhh…… The horse stopped running at once, skidding crazily on the land and it slid swiftly forward until coming to a stand still at the very corner- the edge of the trench!!
The hunter took several gulps of air frantically .. his life  coming back from the throat…while still gasping for breath..he smiled at his triumph and instinctively, he looked up at the sky and said- “Thank God!”

Memories from the Hills

The spirits were high.The weather was adding to the enthusiasm.The moist merry wind was distributing freshness to everything coming it’s way.The hills of Shillong had got us all in love with itself too quickly than we had imagined.

We had hired a cab.An antique Maruti car.It must have traveled the rugged terrains of the hills for years.It appeared to me like an old man who had lived his ages of thrills and had now retired,taking pleasure in just doing his work,though with no sense of adventure attached with the trips anymore.It had already housed countless families,friends and couples take a ride along the winding paths-had seen them leaning on the windows,heard them gaping in awe,taking pictures frantically and saying words of excitement.It may not have felt any different carrying the five of us -Bittu ,Sanu,Mayank,Chinu and myself and hearing the same old words of excitement and happiness that people say during the trips to the hills.


As the car winded down the slope, I felt a tinge of thirst and looked for the bottle of water.”Stop the Car” I shouted,as I saw the empty bottle and a small shop outside simultaneously. The driver decelerated the car towards the left.”Whats the matter?” I was asked with mixed voices each laden with excitement and worry. “Oh,let me just get a bottle of water.” I said apologetically with a smile for having caused an alarm unnecessarily.”Ow we can take it later” was the instantaneous reaction.”Ya we will reach our next spot within 15 minutes,take the water there” was the next proposal.But I was adamant.Of all the things, not getting water when thirsty makes me restless.So I pressed a lot and the car was stopped.”Come back quickly” was the unanimous response I remember hearing ,as I closed the door behind me.

The car had stopped on the left side of the road and had moved quite a distance away from the shop.The slope was downward.I had to cross the road,taking care there was no vehicle raging down the path.

The shop was uphill, on the other side.Even before I had reached the shop I could hear the car I had just came out of,blaring horns and my friends there shouting towards me to rush and return quickly.It is not a good idea to let others wait when they are expecting to have a fast paced adventure tour and you make them stop,bringing a temporary halt to their adrenaline rush.( which was also fueled up because of cruising down the ‘Need For Speed’ like roadway.)

The shop was a two storied house.Isolated.The lower part was made into a shop.A girl was sitting at the counter.A young girl.Probably 16 or 17 years old.With dark eyes and bright face which is so distinctive with people in the hills.

She smiled,happy to have a visitor.You can but only reciprocate such a welcome with a bigger smile,and that is what I did. “Do you have a bottle of water?”I asked immediately,remembering my friends on the other side of the road,who must be getting impatient.

“Yes” she said.Suddenly springing up from her chair.Ready to do the job she was put there for.Her smile was gone.She was now a lady in charge of a situation,and she was going to perform her role promptly.She walked towards the fridge.I heard the noises of glass bottles tingling.I looked back at my friends away in the car.They were gesturing to come back quickly.I heard the horn blows again.I turned towards her.She closed the fridge without anything in her hand.”Sorry ,there is no bottle of water.” She said with a smile trying to suppress her feeling of guilt.Perhaps she felt bad that she had started up to do her task so excitedly but her effort had been in vain.I tried to comfort her by smiling more affectionately.”Ow,it’s alright.”I said concernedly and thought about buying something else from her,just to make her feel good.But before I could say anything she said-“Ok wait” and disappeared through the door towards her right.That was the way to the inside of her house. I felt she must have recalled that they have a stock of water bottles which hasn’t been kept in the fridge yet and so she had gone inside to get a bottle from there.

I heard the horn blares getting louder now.I turned to see.Now Sannu was out of the car and saying something to me.I couldn’t hear him,though from his body language I could sense he was saying-” What the hell are you doing for so long!” I lifted my hand assuring him that I was almost done.But the horn blares made me start panicking.I looked back at the door through which she had disappeared.I could only see the curtain swinging smoothy as the moist wind from up the hill blew across the shop.Where is she?I imagined her unpacking big brown cartons of mineral water bottles,probably with her mother’s or father’s or perhaps a brother’s help.Then I imagined her family working dexterously taking out the packaged sets of Kinley or Bisleri or some other local brand,handing them over to her, to be kept in the fridge at storefront.I took out the money in exact figures so that as soon as she came I would pay her and walk back quickly.


“She should have come back by now.” I calculated.The horn continued to blare across the road.I looked back at the blowing curtain.There was no sign of her.Should I leave? It was almost 5 minutes since she had left.I took a step to walk back to the car, when I saw the curtain being pulled and she appeared.. slowly walking… pulling the curtain aside with her left hand while in her right hand she held a beautiful tray.. with a glass..full of fresh clear water..


A Vagabond

In my childhood,I got motivated from Ian Wright who appeared in the Lonely Planet show,to become a traveller.But rather than getting close towards becoming a conventional traveller, I sought delight in being an explorer,living a wanderer’s life.I roam to distant locations without any purpose but just to experience something new.I hang out for short duration with unknown people at junctions and observe every little thing with curiosity and interest.In real and virtual world alike,I am a wanderer.I like exploring,I like finding new things,learn new things,see new things,think new things and meet new people.

Everyone I meet during the day,I feel them being like a voyager,touring their own course of life,seeing and interpreting things their own way.Each one of them appears to me an ‘Ian Wright’! I like to listen to their tales,hear their stories which they narrate without seeking consent,with passion and delight.Perhaps they feel glad sharing something which is so dear to them.The same world and same events are viewed in so many distinctive ways, that just by interacting with people we can get experiences like the one that comes through going to new places.I have had some truly memorable experiences, in course of my last few years of such wanderings(and sometimes conventional travelings),and decided to pen down a few of them.

I share some light hearted posts from my memories in this blog.And also a little bit about my hobby which I cherish as being the solacing companions in course of my journeys- reading old fictions ,classic poetry and musing about documentaries.