A Vagabond

In my childhood,I got motivated from Ian Wright who appeared in the Lonely Planet show,to become a traveller.But rather than getting close towards becoming a conventional traveller, I sought delight in being an explorer,living a wanderer’s life.I roam to distant locations without any purpose but just to experience something new.I hang out for short duration with unknown people at junctions and observe every little thing with curiosity and interest.In real and virtual world alike,I am a wanderer.I like exploring,I like finding new things,learn new things,see new things,think new things and meet new people.

Everyone I meet during the day,I feel them being like a voyager,touring their own course of life,seeing and interpreting things their own way.Each one of them appears to me an ‘Ian Wright’! I like to listen to their tales,hear their stories which they narrate without seeking consent,with passion and delight.Perhaps they feel glad sharing something which is so dear to them.The same world and same events are viewed in so many distinctive ways, that just by interacting with people we can get experiences like the one that comes through going to new places.I have had some truly memorable experiences, in course of my last few years of such wanderings(and sometimes conventional travelings),and decided to pen down a few of them.

I share some light hearted posts from my memories in this blog.And also a little bit about my hobby which I cherish as being the solacing companions in course of my journeys- reading old fictions ,classic poetry and musing about documentaries.



4 thoughts on “A Vagabond

  1. A simple and monotonous experience that we come across daily in our lives.but the beauty lied in the way the writer viewed the whole scenario. It is a different aspect of looking at simple things and the writer celebrates the joy of simplicity. Definitely the narrative was excellent and looking forward for more such blogs.


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