Thank God

I heard this story from a spiritual personnel,who began his session with this pleasant little story.I loved the way he narrated it.I have tried to recapture the charm of that narrative.Hope it makes a good read!

Once upon a time there was a hunter.He went to the forest to hunt.By the time it was evening, he lost his way in the jungle.He was wandering here and there in search of some shelter.He found a small hut.He knocked on the door.A sage came out.The sage was pleased to have a visitor.The hunter was also humble and paid his respects to the sage.
Next day, the sage explained how the hunter could go out of the jungle.And he gifted him a horse.He said ” This is a very special horse..It is a very spiritual horse”
“Oh” exclaimed the hunter.
“Yes”continued the sage. ” I have trained it.When you say ‘Thank God‘, it starts running, when you say ‘save me’ the horse stops”
“Oh really!That is lovely!Thank you”
 Thus the hunter climbed the horse and said goodbye to the sage.He shouted “Thank God!” and wo!! the horse neighed and made a big leap in air and started running swiftly.The hunter  was so delighted with this, he exclaimed in happiness “Thank God!” And the horse made another leap and started running even faster.
The speed was thrilling and the hunter got so consumed into ecstasy he continued shouting in delight-“Thank God,Thank God Thank God” And the horse ran even faster and faster, like the wind.Trees and bushes passed by like colours spread on canvas.Dust blew like storms around him.Suddenly the hunter  saw that they were approaching towards a deep trench some 2 kilometers ahead! His blood froze,as the horse continued to gallop towards the trench in full speed.The hunter suddenly realized that he had forgotten the command to make the horse stop.In panic he tried to recall what was the word to make it stop,while he hysterically kept on shouting “Thank God Thank God Thank God“…The horse now ran like an arrow shot off a bow..the hunter could foresee their approaching death but he couldnt recall the word.
800 meters.. 500 meters..400 meters… 300 meters,, 200 meters.. 100 meters.. the horse was just 10 meters from the trench..and out of the fear of life , it suddenly came from within.. and the hunter shouted- “SAVE ME!!!!!”
Creeeeeecccchhhhhhhhh…… The horse stopped running at once, skidding crazily on the land and it slid swiftly forward until coming to a stand still at the very corner- the edge of the trench!!
The hunter took several gulps of air frantically .. his life  coming back from the throat…while still gasping for breath..he smiled at his triumph and instinctively, he looked up at the sky and said- “Thank God!”

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