State Museum:Peace and the Library!


It got pretty late for me to visit the State Museum, which I had been looking forward to visit since a long time. Had I discovered the serenity of this place before, I would have more of my leisure days spent within the calm premises of this place.

Museum, in the first place is not an attractive place to look forward to go. But when seeking a quiet destination to spend some hours, it’s a place extraordinaire’. And it was by chance that I actually went out of the room today just in quest of finding some new location to spend my evening.


I at once felt a deep likening for the place as I entered the museum compound, suddenly getting transferred to a zone of peace having just traveled the busy road outside, which felt so hectic and polluted. Inside there were fountains and greenery and a silence that felt like a state of meditation.


Walking across the hallway glancing at the clay sculptures of native races of people of the forest land, gave me an aesthetic delight .The naive folk dresses adored the sculptures, depicting their popular social and cultural activities.


The section on archaeology was quite interesting. It always transports me to the ancient times and makes me recall the childhood fascination with prehistoric life, which seems so unreal and much like a fantasy than reality to me.

Overall the museum seemed desolate and isolated.. But that was in some way making the place feel good.I thought I had discovered a wormhole to a new land-so close to my hostel, so much in plain sight , (everyday glanced upon during every trip to and from the college)  yet so undiscovered.

The best part in the museum that I found was the Library. I literally found myself gaping at the exquisite collection of books kept there. My initial thought was that there would mostly be books on Jharkhand’s culture and all. But no, they had more than that! There were plethora of books on Indian History and Culture. There were separate encyclopedias for every major country of the world. There were books on History, Sociology, Geography , Astronomy , Philosophy and few on Economics too. There were famous fictions of English and American authors. There were beautiful books on tours and travels. There were books on Bollywood and almost every other non-fiction category one can think of- Wildlife, Botany, Environment et cetera. The best thing was that most of the books were from standard international publishers like BBC Press UK, National Geographic, Harper Collins, Macmillan and Penguin.

I felt I had finally discovered a place I was looking for; especially for my days at hostel when I get utterly bored. Now I have an option to visit a serene place nearby with a library; for some casual read about cultures and histories of the world or just for some artworks!^^



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