On New Year


Today is the third day of January, year two thousand sixteen.One more year has passed away.One more year we all have lived together to arrive at this moment,this spell of time.

We all are living in different places,are having different ages and pursuing different professions, but there is one thing that we are sharing together in common- the time.

During several occasions I have mused over this idea and have felt a deep sense of connect with everyone around me,that we are all sharing the same period of time.100 years before, none of us were there.100 years from now,none of us will be there.We are unique to this spell,this phase of human existence,we are distinctive to this period of time.

There were people who lived at the time when Pyramids were built.There were people who lived at the time when Newton gave the laws of gravitation and thrilled the world with this scientific insight.There were people who lived at the time when Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’ got published for the first time (and people would have flocked to the printing press to get a copy). All these people do not exist now and we will never meet them ever.But everyone one of them must have played a role directly or indirectly,majorly or minorly, in developing,defining and shaping the era that they were a part of.

Similarly we are creating tomorrow’s history with our presence in this present period of time.We are each playing a unique role in writing that massive book of human history.Each one of us is contributing to that grand story,that magnificent tale..and gladly we just commenced writing a new chapter of our story, called 2016,together! Happy New Year!


(Image source: https://simonbatesphotography.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/james-arthur-o-connor_an-old-mill.jpg)

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