The space which is mine

Screen Shot 2012-02-24 at 6.34.07 PM

I am feeling good.

I was feeling bad because of a setback,but then I remembered that between stimulus and response there is a space.A space which is entirely mine.Where I have the freedom.Where I have the freedom to choose my response;choose my emotion.

When we realize the importance and power of that ‘space’,circumstances no longer continue to be the master of our emotions.

Between stimulus and response,there is a space; that space is where the ‘self’ dwells.It is where the self makes it’s choices.It is where the profoundness of free will exists.

If we keep ourselves aware of that space, our ‘self’ strengthens.And if we neglect it, we become the slave of circumstances.And the circumstances determine our happiness and sadness.


(This insight has always helped me take control of my life.I learned it from the author Steven R Covey)



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