The Warm Winter Sun


It is winter season now.The season of sleeping.

The day starts from 10 AM., because it is so cold,who in the right mind would leave the blanket early?By 10 AM the sun is sufficiently heated and shines with grace.A motivation that there is a warm alternative outside the blanket too.

The winter sun is the best thing in the cold season.It is not harsh,it is not obtrusive.It is calming,comforting,welcoming.

The most eloquent part of a winter day is the late afternoon, after the lunch hours.The perfect thing to be done at that hour is to take a mat, and spread it in the garden under the sun.Pick up a fine classic novel from the shelf, a pen , a pencil, a notepad, a bottle of water, some cookies , some potato chips, and invite your cat to join.

Then lay on the mat,read the book under the sunny sky, while your cat plays around and disturbs you intermittently.Give it cookies to munch at times.Anyways they fall asleep after chasing the butterflies.

Savor the delight of traversing to old centuries as you turn the pages.Feel the wind,hear the chatter of birds and watch the clear blue sky while imagining the scene you just read and got fascinated about.

Then after sometime close your eyes,and let the mellow heat put you to sleep; as the genial winter sun wraps you up into it’s warm magical  spell.


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