In a dim room

I dragged the chair, and placed it near the window, which was the only source of light in my room.It was late afternoon and I wanted to have the company of natural light while reading a classic Agatha Christie murder mystery novel.

As I continued to read..the story building up,the characters taking shape,the plot getting serious and the suspense starting to crawl in, I could not realize how many hours had passed.

As I lay consumed staring at the page,flipping them briskly, the story running unhindered in my mind as my eyes kept scanning the words in pace,owing to the fact that I had reached the very climax of the tale, I realized the sun had set and I had to exert pressure on my eyes to read the text.

But I was way too captivated with the story to even leave my seat to switch on the light.I brought the book closer to my vision,because I wanted to experience the final revelation of the suspense while lying in this position only,in this state of the room only.Switching on the lights will suddenly create a whole new environment and I did not want to complete the story in a different environment than in which I had started it.



10 thoughts on “In a dim room

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    • Hi Mitch,I studied the Plato’s Cave Allegory(oh and I found a wonderful old animated story on youtube that elucidated it nicely).Haha,Now I know why you called it a lateral leap! 😉 Anyways this has got me pretty interested in exploring more such philosophical concepts!


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