My Name is Red

A book with this title caught my attention while I was randomly surfing through books on There was almost an impulsive urge to find out what this book was all about.I clicked on the book’s thumbnail, which had the name of the author “ORHAN PAMUK” written in bold;a blurred image of a man clad in a middle eastern attire,a turban on his head,walking against the backdrop of an architectural frame which I often see in Mughal age monuments.’Winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature’ was inscribed in the center.

Upon reading the crisp intro,I realized the book is a Turkish novel which is very abstract and assumes a unique style of narrative.The author not just speaks from the point of view of the humanly characters,but also from the perspectives of the ‘illustrations’,’objects’ and ‘color’. This got me pretty hooked as my fascination rose to a peak.This appeared to be a thrilling literary adventure.

I studied the publisher,the number of pages,read all the reviews down below,felt delighted reading the appreciation from people who appeared to share a flavor for philosophical fictions.

I didn’t have money in my debit card.I clicked on “Add to Wishlist” after giving a final look of admiration to this nice find.I then proceeded on to surf for more books.

But the title of the book had left a strong impression in my mind.I kept wondering what things the author might have written in it.May be I will be able to find out the next month when I get the money.

Meanwhile, anytime I look around and encounter anything colored in bright red,somewhere in my mind I can hear the words echoing-” My name is Red”



10 thoughts on “My Name is Red

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  2. You write very well for the internet. I’m able to skim your writing while also taking everything in because you write so smoothly. I like this post, a book review on this book would be awesome too after you’ve read it 🙂

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