The Library

When I was a child, I used to visit an old library.It was located quite a distance away from the city.I would ride my bicycle and take my first halt at the market near the temple.There, I would have some snacks and beverages.

Then I will start my long cycling trip to the library.The route entailed me to pass through a desolate long road, lined on both sides by massive trees.While I passed through that stretch of the path, my excitement would start soaring.

The canopy of the trees made it feel like passing through a green tunnel while the shrill chatter of thousands of birds echoed like in an old abandoned castle.I would slow down my pace to experience the moment in all its detail.The sound, the view, the color, the smell, the chaos, the dampness, the isolation.

After passing that, I would quicken my pace because the path would slope down.It would take me some 30 more minutes to reach the library.I would disembark near the gates.The gates will always be open in a careless manner.There were trees, shrubs and wild plants all around the library. The library itself had discolored walls and random patterns made on  it from decaying moss.

Ideally, the place did not have a very inviting outlook.However it was this sense of abandonment, desolation, and antiquity that actually attracted me to this place.And I would often be the only person to visit that library.With its collection of books, all old, the archaic aroma and the (sometimes scary) silence, I considered the place to be one of the favorite destinations for spending my evenings.



During winters last year,  Yuna went to spend holidays at her countryside home.She has no complaints with city life, but she adores the serenity and calmness of the country.She carried her sketching materials because she loves to draw.And she carried her writing materials because she loves to write.

She sat on a boulder when the sun was orange.She looked at the trees with green and crimson leaves and watched the birds hop from one branch to the other. She contemplated about the story that she was in the process of composing.The story, she wanted to transform later into a comic strip.In her story, there was one Mr. Bamboo and one Ms.Rainbow.She hadn’t got much time in the previous two months to think about her tale.The schedules had been very consuming.Now she had time to think.And write.And draw.

Yuna loves to draw.Once she takes a brush, she will forget the world around.She would make lines and circles and soak the brush in water and mix colors.She would tie her hair into a ponytail because they would  dangle in front of her eyes and disturb her view.

She sat there, recollecting how much of the story she had framed already.The wind was soft and laden with silence.The birds chattered in a random symphony.Her expression remained same for a long time.She only blinked.When the sky was red, she smiled.She reached for the pen and started scribbling something on her notepad.

(I wrote this in memory of Yuna.She is a gifted artist and poetess and she loves solitude more than anything.For some reason, I find her mysticism very captivating and I feel like writing about her-anything, just because it gives me a chance to peep into her world, which I imagine to be very beautiful! Like Wordsworth, who saw a solitary reaper singing a song in the field and got mesmerized.He commemorated his experience in his verses.It is amazing to meet such people who, by being themselves, inspires creativity in you.)



Of battles yore

On thy note

Of bloody crusades

the song ye wrote.

With colours dark

On white canvas

With passion filled

the tales abstract.

Till stars spilled

The sky of dawn

Till every art

 the place had  found.

Rare art thee

With a flair distinct

Rare art thee

with a classy instinct.


(Tribute to an artist friend.)


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Days pass

Hours pass

Minutes Pass

Seconds pass.

What seems

a future distant

Is just a blink away.

Bother not

Care not

Worry not

Fear not

For It will come and pass

And you will realize

It was just an ephemeral

Illusion of time.



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Versatile Blogger Award


Thank you to David from Chape Personal Trainer for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! You have been very encouraging and supportive! David is a fine trainer and he loves to travel.He is going to Jamaica this time.Visit his page to discover more! (:

Also, I would like to thank Mliae from Life Experiment Blog for nominating me for this award too. Mliae is a friend for life kind of person and she loves to cook.She is passionate about writing and is a very supportive blogger.Do visit her blog to know more! (:


The rules:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you and include a link to their blog.
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7 facts about me:

  1. Whenever I feel down, I visit bookstore.It lightens up my mood.
  2. I have 5 books on Classical Poerty.All are very old editions with tattered covers and brown pages.
  3. I am a Marketing major by qualification and I will start my first job as a Communications Manager from May 2016.
  4. I love going on aimless walking trips alone and like myself being called a Vagabond.
  5. I turned into a vegetarian from December 2013.
  6. I always carry a diary,a pen,a pencil and a book of poerty no matter where ever I go.
  7. I love writing and I love the Blogging world.

My nominees:

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Meagan DeVries – A Passion filled blog On Marketing, Creative Writing and Psychology

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Hope you all would like sharing the love and fraternity that goes along with this custom of Award sharing! (: