3 Day Quote Challenge II,Day 1

3 day quote challenge is one of the most adorable challenges that has been endorsed by the blogging community!

Quotes are a powerful medium to share feelings,thoughts and ideas in packets of portable words that often help us find peace,strength and wisdom.


I remember when I was young I had that incessant urge to understand the world around me.Why is the sky blue?What is the sun made of?What happens in the moon?Where does the river gets so much water from?How do the pictures appear in the television?.. the list was endless.

When I began to go to school, I often found it difficult to ask too many questions, because most of my queries would not concern the textbooks and I was afraid of being thought of as an outcast who was too naive to ponder about such things nobody seemed much to be bothered about.

But in the course of growing up, I encountered some teachers who started giving answers to many of my questions, without being asked, and despite none of them being in textbooks. They would just say- “You must have wondered why the sky looks blue?”

Imagine how awakened, excited and thrilled I would feel when some teachers did that.

In particular I recall my 8th grade Mathematics teacher who went on to tell every  bit of story  behind Mathematical ideas. “Did you ever wonder why Natural Numbers are called so?” “Did you ever wonder how Algebra developed?” “Did you ever think why they say parallel lines meet at infinity?” I found him answering many of the things I indeed used to wonder about, but never had the courage to ask! Encouraged, I would often accost him after the class and probe him questions that bothered me, apart from those he had already talked about during his lecture.He was always sincere in answering those! In fact he was such an inspiration to so many of my batch-mates, quite a lot of them started loving Mathematics and few of them today, have become Mathematics teacher like him.

I also recall our History teacher, and our Biology teacher who would always go an extra mile to tell us fascinating things related to their subjects, making us keep craving for more- Passing on their passion onto us, the passion to learn, explore and discover!

I want to dedicate my today’s quote to all those such teachers, with due respect and heartfelt admiration.

I am grateful to Spiritual Journey for kindly nominating me for this challenge! At her blog she has an archive of prolific quotes, motivational stories and compelling spiritual thoughts that will surely impart you with profound perspectives about life! Do visit her blog!

Furthermore, I am grateful to Ebby for also nominating me for this challenge! Ebby is a wonderful conversationalist and she writes about social issues she feels deeply about! A charming and lively personality who writes lucidly, you would surely like reading through her blog.

Thank you very much!


6 thoughts on “3 Day Quote Challenge II,Day 1

  1. Teachers are the second most important people to children and young adults, after parents. They spend so much time, teaching, molding our minds, influencing us, so when you have really special, caring teachers wow what a difference it makes…what a wonderful tribute and quote!! 🙂

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