Mother’s Day

That was the day I had to leave my town to go to the city, for my first employment.I had my train scheduled 2 hours later.The journey would take me 36 hours.I was going to the far south of the mainland to start a new life.

Every sort of packing was done.And my mother was getting anxious that I will be going away from home, away from her. No matter how much we grow up, our mothers alway see us as a small child and gets worried when we part from her.She thinks ‘Oh, Who will take care of my child now.’

So my mother was restless that day.She insisted me that I lay on the bed and take rest because the travelling would be tiring.But I was sitting on a chair and thinking about my new life.’Why don’t you take a nap?’ she said politely with a feeling of worry, ‘You have a long journey ahead’ ‘It is Ok’, I said still absorbed in my contemplations of the future.She was not convinced, though she didn’t say anything.She went into the kitchen.

Just then it started to rain and a strong wind started blowing.I got excited, as it was the first rain of the season.I took my chair out and sat near the door.The wind beat across my face with droplets of rain water.The electric supply was cut when it began lightning and roaring thunders ensued.The home became dark.

My mother came at the door, where I was sitting.She was glad that it was raining,’How nice the rains have come.The scorching heat will go away now’ We both looked at our garden for some time, the plants dancing with the rain and the flowers swaying in the wind. But then she noticed that the blowing wind brought dust with it as I was rubbing my eyes occasionally. ‘Don’t sit here’ she persisted. ‘Get inside, there is so much dust here.’ ‘It’s Ok’,I said, while still rubbing my eyes.

She stood there for some time then again expressed that I get inside and take rest and that the journey will be long and tiring. I continued to sit where I was sitting not saying anything.She gave up, at last, speaking to herself in a tone of resignation ‘I wonder what makes my son sit in the wind laden with dust when it is comfortable inside’ She went again to the kitchen.

I heard the faint tinkling of her bangles amidst the sound of rain clatter. Suddenly I saw a plate of chopped fruits in front of me.It was my mother holding the plate with an expression of deep concern.I took the plate and picked up a slice of apple to eat.She didn’t say anything and went inside. I heard no sound. She might have decided to take a nap I thought.

I looked at the distant clouds, getting brighter and I saw the lilacs tossing their heads in the garden.I picked up another piece of appleΒ  from the plate and started eating it.Just then, a gust of the wind laden with dust swept across my face.I put down the plate and started rubbing my eyes.

(I write this, recollecting the last week’s happening when I was leaving home to come to this city for my new job. On this Mother’s Day, I express my deep gratitude and love to my mother who has always been so affectionate,kind and caring. I often speak less and don’t talk much but I do feel and understand how much she cares selflessly. I wish her all happiness, health, and peace.And I wish every one of usΒ  feels the blessing of mother and be able to reciprocate her love to the utmost extent we can.)



19 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Oh Prabhat how very beautiful, what wonderful memories you share of your Mom. She must be so proud of you as you are of her! That was a rather bittersweet Mother’s Day for her…but your tribute to her is eloquent! Your mother raised a thoughtful and tender son!! I wish her and all Mother’s a Happy Mother’s Day!! πŸ™‚

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    • I am so happy sharing this!And I should thank you rather, as I was inspired to write this post on the day I read the post you wrote about your mother.I was very touched and overwhelmed! So, Thanks to you! πŸ™‚ Happy Mother’s Day! πŸ™‚

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    • Very true, Jacqueline! And I always feel if I can ever reciprocate the affection that I have got from my parents to the same extent.I always seem to be lagging behind! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for the compliments. πŸ™‚


  2. This is such a beautiful post dedicated to your mom. It made me think about my mom I am far away because 14 years ago I left my country Italy to came to USA and she is there, we miss each other very much being so far away in two different countries isn’t easy to cope with such long distance. I loved your post and is so true the love of a mother has no equal. Wonderfully written your mom has a lovely son! πŸ˜‰

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