Thank You God For . . .

Everything we have is endowed to us-We are not the benefactors, we are the beneficiaries. We are not the creators- but endowed with the powers to create.The least we can do is to show gratitude and be grateful for everything that we have been given. I was really touched to read this post by Deb! It is full of so much of thankfullness! It feels liberating!


~ Thank You God For ~

My smile to share with the world
My imagination to think up wild and crazy things
My hands to extend help to those in need
My heart to love and give
My mind to think the impossible
My creativity to write stories, poems and songs
My gratitude to thank You daily
My laughter to keep me healthy
My passion to inspire others
My positive outlook on life to share
My open mind to consider all possibilities
My joy of the simple things

My sense of humor to make others laugh
My dreams to aspire to
My desires to grow towards and fulfill
My compassion for all things great and small
My sensitivity to others
My blessings to count
My appreciation of the moon and the stars
My enjoyment of nature
My trust that good will prevail
My belief in the human soul
My family…

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