Father’s Day!

He taught me to be organized.

He taught me to be humble and patient.

He taught me that respect is commanded, not demanded.

He inspired me to live a spiritually inclined life.

He inspired me to develop my interest in art and creativity.

He inspired me to be self-dependent.

He helped me learn to write in the cursive handwriting.(He himself is very good at it)

He helped me get to the institution I wished to study.

He accompanied me to every new location I had to go for my education.

He accompanied me in every town fairs and bought me the toys which got me transfixed (the stubbornness to not leave the shop unless ‘I get that!’.He would still handle that patiently.)

I am thankful to my dad! He has been a great teacher, an inspiration, and an exemplary leader.Since childhood, I have seen him as a hard working man. My mom would often make us recall of our dad’s hard work and tell us to never forget that all the education and comfort we are getting in life is because of him.

My dad doesn’t talk much. He himself is an avid reader and he reads books on spirituality psychology, and medicine(Homeopathy, to be precise.A subject which he likes studying and he also started practicing it after qualifying a necessary exam )

He likes gardening and spends most of his free time attending to the plants. He is a versatile personality and tries to do most of the works by himself. He can fix taps, the old air cooler (which we had thought to be dead), his scooter(which is as old as I can remember), can cook (and also directed me to learn some culinary skills) and once or twice he gave me and some of my siblings a ‘haircut’ at home!(a fact many of my friends disbelieved that time!) In my young age, I would wonder ‘Will I ever be able to learn so many skills like him when I grow up?’ Now coming of age, I still think I haven’t acquired the level of expertise he displayed in all these domains.These days he guides me about my job and managing my finances.



Flowers in our garden


He taught me to think freely and never forced any ideology on us.Each of us siblings lived life the way we wanted. Yet he has always been there to support in any circumstance a help was needed, even before we asked for it.I owe him whatever I am today.He, with my mom, made wonderful parents.I hope he continues to stay versatile, inspiring happy and healthy!


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