Word High July : Harana

The Prince and the Maiden


In the palace of yore

States an ancient folklore

There was a maiden who loved to dance

And a Prince would stealthily glance

Her demeanor abound in  grace

Brought a smile on Prince’s face.

One day in the morning when

The prince was walking in garden

Saw the maiden with surprise

Tears falling from her eyes

Why do you cry O dear one

Tell me what wrong has been done

I’m the prince of this land

You are safe in my hand

O dear Prince a sparrow bird

Is my beloved since year third

And it is only his sweet voice

Which my soul utmost rejoice

It’s been ten days my dear bird

Has not been seen or heard

(and anxiety pains my heart)

Prince in passion at once said

O dear maiden he’s not dead

Go to the jungle to the west

On the old tree; he’s taking rest

The maiden happy at these words

Went in hope to find her bird

And when the maiden was gone

The Prince to himself transformed

Into a sparrow and then flew

Hiding from the maiden’s view

Perched upon that tree old

About which he, to her had told

And to woo the maiden then

With passion began to sing

The maiden  heard the melody faint

Filled with love,affection, quaint

Quickly she then walked to the tree

And then sparrow in glee

Circled her with a welcome warm

Back on her face came the charm

The folklore says ever since then

The Prince never transformed again

He was happy being a sparrow

Who can help when hit by Cupid’s arrow?


-r prab

( Source of the above image : Artfire )

In response to Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino Words: Harana




25 thoughts on “Word High July : Harana

    • Haha thank you Mandi, You know initially I had composed it to be a tragic poem, but just before publishing, I felt a bit sad with such conclusion, so modified it to a happy ending! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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