Word High July: Balintataw


The artist sketching a


Wouldn’t draw his


Because through the pupil


Will awaken the soul


And make the beast



-r prab


(Source of Above Sketch: Fine Arts America )

(I composed this from the reminiscences of a story I read in the past where an artist in all his paintings would refrain from drawing the eyes of the dragon, fearing that giving them eyes will be like making them alive. ..If soul symbolizes life then surely its power emanates through the pupil… I have often felt it when trying to sketch faces.. The moment you draw the pupil, the face becomes animated at once..as if it just got a soul! )


In response toย Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipinoย Words: Balintataw




18 thoughts on “Word High July: Balintataw

  1. Awesome! Yes, it’s the eyes in most paintings/artworks that draw the audience. Those eyes could either make you feel sad, happy, or worse- afraid. Yep, I would think twice on sketching a dragon’s eye.

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