Word High July: Siping


The woman he direly craved

Was killed in war previously razed

To avenge he joined King’s army troop

And in the war the rival group

He attacked fiercely; them erased

With fatal blows, madly, unfazed

And when the war was won; he

Quenched; Set his soul free

The passionate lover valiant brave

Eternally lied beside her in grave


– r prab


(Source of above image: Wikimedia )

In response toย Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipinoย Words: Siping




13 thoughts on “Word High July: Siping

  1. Such a sad take. He is.very faithful even in death, yet I don’t believe killing all those people in war would make your soul and grief lighter. Revenge doesn’t work that way. But I do understand, he did it for her. Lovely piece ๐Ÿ™‚

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