Word High July: Likha




Holding in beak the little bird

Straws of grass colourful furred

Weave the twigs, a skillful art

Knitting the leaves part by part






A home little in branches hung

Protecting chicks still so young

And gentle wind in hours of dusk

Cradles to sleep, in beds of husk


-r prab


(Image source : canvaz )

In response toΒ Word-High July: 30 Beautiful FilipinoΒ Words: Likha




30 thoughts on “Word High July: Likha

  1. As some other commenters have mentioned, the poem does have a nice, cheerful beat. I always enjoy seeing birds making nests for their young. The main ones I see where I live are swallows nesting under awnings. It’s always a very uplifting sight.

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  2. First, I love the shape of thoses nests!! I had a wreath hanging on my front door and twice this year birds built a nest in it, hatched eggs, fed their babies and then all flee away. I have glass in my front door so I was able to watch the whole process. It was so sweet and fascinating!! Love your uplifting poem. 😊

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    • Oh what a wonderful scene it must have been! Nice that they chose that place! I have pigeons living on the terrace of my house, they look so scared all the time. I have stopped going to that part of the house, I don’t like them panicking! πŸ™‚ Thank you Deb, for the compliments! πŸ™‚

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