Longest Time Span to Write a Composition

Yesterday I was researching about some south Indian Literatures. Ever since I read Yayati, I51vujhtlpl-_sx323_bo1204203200_ got curious to discover more such novels from the South Indian Library. I came across a book called Khasakkinte Itihasam(The Legend of Khasak) a Malayalam(language spoken in the Indian state of Kerala) Novel by OV Vijayan. What caught my attention was to discover the fact that it took the author 12 years to complete the novel. It seemed extraordinary as the book had just around 200 pages. Why would it take 12 years to write 200 pages? Couldn’t it have been written in one year? I could feel  that the author must have put in lots of thoughts and so would have developed the novel slowly slowly over time.

I wondered about the longest time span I have taken to write a composition. I only write small articles, blog posts, poems and the longest span I could remember of holding back before publishing my composition was 2 days. Oftentimes, I am too eager to publish my post and try to finish it as soon as possible. I don’t even proofread it properly. Something keeps nagging me at the back of mind- ‘Oh it’s alright, Just publish it’ And I do publish it. And serenity dawns in my mind. Only then I read my composition most attentively on the live page and then panic to correct the errors.

It always enchants me to hear of people who take a long period of time to publish something. I am yet ignorant of the experience of devotedly working on a composition, holding back the temptation to share, and publishing it only after taking it to perfection. But I do aspire to do it sometime. Have you ever worked devotedly for any composition, that took you a very long time to finish it?


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6 thoughts on “Longest Time Span to Write a Composition

  1. Yup! I have many compositions sitting in my draft box. Some take as much a two weeks or even more to finish up depending on how much time I have.
    Meanwhile, I would like to recommend using Grammarly to cross-check your post before hitting that publish. You can check it out through this post of minehttp://theartofbeautifulexpressions.com/essential-writers-tips-7/
    Cheers, Jacqueline


  2. Oh 2 weeks! I am quite amused to know that! I truly admire your style of writing! And it is like a lesson for me that good writing really needs patience! 😀
    Thank you so much for suggesting about grammerly! I will definitely use it! 🙂


  3. I take about two years writing my books but one never knows when one is finished. I’m almost done with my second novel, but of course I’ll hand it off to a friend and they’ll come back with suggestions-which is great! Is that book you mentioned translated in English? I’d be curious to read it.


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