Peaceful Sleep

Tune of merriment blowing breeze
Roars crash flashes senses seize

Splashes play joyful jittery sound
Swaying Redwood Pines earthly bound

Soothe suspended shivering night
Quiet loud flickering candle light

Peeps in the wintry freezing cold
Clutch close the blanket one more fold



Image Credit: fineartamerica


Finding a Friend

Year by year came and went
Wandering in life was all that meant

By grace so kind though at the end
Miracle! To find one true a friend

Winged words from mind and tales to tell
As if have known for eons so well

Divine The Force can only send
Blessings! To meet such true a friend



*The poem expresses the joy and exhilaration of meeting a true friend. I have had many such experiences and feel very proud about it. I think friendship is the most wonderful of all relationships. Even in our father, mother, brother, sister, husband or wife, we seek a ‘friend’. Realizing that we have a true friend/s gives unparalleled joy.

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