Save thy friend

When a friend is depressed
Spot it and get to your feet
Leave everything and focus
Only on your friend
And be with them
Around them
Don’t let them
Feel alone
Be around
And be compassionate
Lend them ears and judge not
And advice not
Give them love
By not advising them
But rather listening to them
Unbiased, with love and concern
Hear feel and see the perspective
That pains
Your friend
Don’t blot it but acknowledge
And see the reason your friend
Is suffering
And put yourself in that place
And feel the same intensely
Then with compassion naturally
Arising hold your friend and
Let them speak and say you
Understand what they are going through
And don’t give lecture or lessons
Say you feel it
Know it
Experience it
And so you want to be
Be there till all is fine
And let them be.
Never leave
Their side
For you
You are
The reason they can
Live again.
This life blissful!

– r_prab

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