The Swing

Hills beyond the meadows peek,

Calls back the Earth for then retreat,

Lo! Gone away with swooshing sweep,

Caressing voyager ambling breeze.

Atop the sun momentarily though,

A flash of golden to and fro,

Slithering past the grasses away,

Darkening shades of shadows grey.

Charming glint, a sparkle white,

Pleasant tunes of songs delight,

Bliss of spirit, timeless scene,

Spell of mirth, the joy of being.



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One smile here,

One cheer there,

Scintillating aura,

Shine everywhere.

Devoid grown dry,

Along with wry,

Sunk, withered

And slowly die.

Dark crucifies

Alight in guise

Emerge, Renewed,

Boundless, flies.



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Finding a Friend

Year by year came and went
Wandering in life was all that meant

By grace so kind though at the end
Miracle! To find one true a friend

Winged words from mind and tales to tell
As if have known for eons so well

Divine The Force can only send
Blessings! To meet such true a friend



*The poem expresses the joy and exhilaration of meeting a true friend. I have had many such experiences and feel very proud about it. I think friendship is the most wonderful of all relationships. Even in our father, mother, brother, sister, husband or wife, we seek a ‘friend’. Realizing that we have a true friend/s gives unparalleled joy.

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WordPress, Why ye disappear my words?

Dear WordPress why ye disappear

Words I etched with stones so clear

It’s not sound it’s not fair

My words you dissolve in thin air

Long a spell away from home

Reading blogs along I roam

Express when I of love and care

My words you dissolve in thin air

Kins and comrades figures in space

jovial familiar charming grace

Friendly pleasantries when I share

My words you dissolve in thin air

And when with mirth a friendly note

Came and quick I neatly wrote

Back and then I saw nowhere

My words you dissolved in thin air.


(PS: For a long time, the office works clogged me from returning to blogging. But I used to roam around and read blogs. Unfortunately, some of my comments disappeared immediately after I posted on someone’s post. Sometimes it stayed and that was fine. But the disappearing comments made me crestfallen. I still find the ailment persisting in WordPress. It is disappointing.)


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Once in a blue moon

Once in a blue moon

torrents of rain

clutching the earth fast

tides in vain.

Once in a blue moon

stranger, a face

hazy, the fog white

longing embrace.

Once in a blue moon

darkness the cloud

roaring the flash light

whispers so loud.

Once in a blue moon

silence descends

surreal alone white

quiet;  it ends.

– r_prab


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