Word High July: Bughaw

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One fine day in summer June

Singing loud and cheery tune

Friends exploring wilderness four

Breaking the silence with their roars

Besides the river the jungle spread

Carefully though on brink we tread

Excited thrilled and spirits high

We kept trekking the river side

Wondering what fun more awaited

When one friend at once located

A massive cliff towards which we headed

Nothing that day we least had dreaded

But upon reaching the spot

We admitted that we could not

Find a way to climb that steep

Cliff so we must now try to leap

The far side of the river and go

Exploring more of jungle so

One by one we each descended

Down the land where sea had bended

Let’s get down to the river now,

And holding hands together somehow,

Cross this river sparkling blue

Where crows above noisily flew

Then my first friend slowly got down

“It’s not deep” we heard his sound

As I put my foot in there

The ground beneath me ebbed somewhere

And in a flash I splashed in deep

Carried away by a powerful sweep

Of the currents of angry river

Whole frame of mine then tossed with quiver.

Blue and Blue was all I saw

Tasted water harsh and raw

I knew not how to swim back then

I gasped for air panic stricken

The river played me like a toy

As mad bull rides a poor cowboy

Then by miracle something caught

My legs as I pathetically fought

Towards the shore was I then thrown

And quick for life I clasped a stone

I coughed the water then my mind

Saw my friend who had been kind

To jump at once and swim like fish

Before I drowned like a wrecked ship.


–  r prab


(Source of above image : Water Minimalistic)


In response to Word-High July: 30 Beautiful Filipino Words: Bughaw





Fruits are such interesting things! They are nice to see, delicious to eat and the best part- they make us healthy and provide us lots of vitamins and minerals, which in turn makes our bones strong, strengthens eyesight and helps our body function better.

It is summer in our country and my mum will always come and put on my table, sometimes watermelons, sometimes oranges, sometimes grapes, while I am working on my computer.


After a while when she will come again and see I haven’t yet started eating them, she will make me understand “You should eat fruits when they are fresh! The season is hot, they will dry up! And they will give you vitamins and keep you healthy.Don’t neglect them like that!”

Oh! and I will just start eating them! But this time, I wondered- “How creative of Nature to create fruits!” The plants are such wonderful machines that take up all those iron, potassium,Calcium and other minerals from the soil, adds water and store them in these pulpy tasty colourful fruits.

We not only get health benefits when we eat them but also a rare delicacy of varied flavours.Is it any less than a miracle? The rain water,the minerals in the soil, the air, the sunlight and some decaying leaves(acting as manure) is all a plant takes to create those wonderful juicy refreshing dishes! Even the best of the best technology cannot create such a thing with those raw materials.


I also feel that I get rejuvenated  after eating the fruits, unlike other food items which generally make me sleepy! Fruits are so wonderful!





(Image Source: Google Images)