Once in a blue moon

Once in a blue moon

torrents of rain

clutching the earth fast

tides in vain.

Once in a blue moon

stranger, a face

hazy, the fog white

longing embrace.

Once in a blue moon

darkness the cloud

roaring the flash light

whispers so loud.

Once in a blue moon

silence descends

surreal alone white

quiet;  it ends.

– r_prab


Image credits: johneaglephoto.com


Painting and Poetry


A painter is free from the clutches of words.Painters perceive things in their true essence-in their actual ‘beingness’.Transcending the domain of words.
Poets but breathe life into words.Though words are confined to the limits of their meanings; poets have the power to ascend them to a higher level of abstraction,where they cease to have boundaries.

A write up inspired from the quote:

“Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting with the gift of speech.”


Image source – http://www.oldestes.com/Richardson_Rome_-_West_Wind_Blows.jpg