What color is it anyway?

So, you must have one of those friends in the group who is obsessive about colors. They call lemon yellow lemon yellow and maroon a maroon. In that scenario, if you are a person like me who knows only the basic names of colors, and calls a lemon yellow- yellow and maroon- red then you can understand how troubled you get when your ignorance is ridiculed to your utmost dismay.

I have found a solution for it. I have noticed there is only one who will challenge your naive claims and others will join the bandwagon to pull your legs. So, I have cracked the secret of naming the various shades of colors. And the answer is- start being creative!

Next time you wear a blue t shirt, flaunt it with a statement like,’.. I love this Madagascar blue…you know, I liked it the moment I spotted it’ and when you see your friend wearing a green shade, compliment ‘..oh I like this shade of ginger green’ Oh you can also use the name of your favourite flavour to add it to any color shade , ‘.. where did you get this tangy brown shoes, looks amazing!’

I am liking this approach! I discovered everyone joins the bandwagon when you say it with conviction! You will establish yourself as a color specialist and you will feel wickedly pleased with it!

And hey,by the way, I really loved this Canterbury White shade on your room’s wall! ūüėČ Have a great weekend!





We Are Visual Animals

Guess where I stumbled today during my wanderings in the virtual space? I discovered this wonderful blog, whose title itself was enough to capture my interest, attention and imagination!


A mystical labyrinth created by street artist Nick Kuszyk

We Are Visual Animals is a blog which features¬†the work of artists of all genre including sculptors, architects, photographers, graffiti artists, and many more.It was¬†a delight roaming through it,and watching the wonders engendered¬†by the¬†beautiful minds¬†who express exquisitely through visual means.The ¬†designs were so prolific, they¬†didn’t need words to communicate.


Bust of a woman with head thrown back by sculptress Sophie Kahn

The presentation of the artworks on the website was visually satisfying.They feature high resolution wide screen pictures that will allow a viewer to adore the artworks in fine details!


“Rafael Araujo, an architect and illustrator, creates beautiful illustrations of Nature.He leaves the construction lines intact to highlight the order and organization beneath our seemingly chaotic word”

On the home page, you scroll down to see the name of the artists.You click on anyone of them and find yourself adorning their creations, almost like in a museum, while intermittently you get to read their interview,  between the subsequent images.


I lost my sense of time exploring this enamoring museum of arts! I am excited and eager to invite you all to visit this page! I am sure you will love it! Although most of the interviews are dated 2014, so I guess may be I found it late and most of you might have been there already. Nonetheless, I am sure revisiting it will be as satisfying as ever!

Visit the page here: We Are Visual Animals

Thank you so much!


“From a distance, Jessica’s illustrations look like colorful tapestries – look closer though, and you’ll notice a number of odd details”