Fear not

Doing the new

Tried by few

Different from mass

Drab Dismal class

Stamp it down; crush

Ahead, ahead you rush

In clouds you rise

Tear the skies

Look not below

Uninspiring, the slow

The grand summit’s view

Deserves only you!



Image credits: Jay Alders


Longest Time Span to Write a Composition

Yesterday I was researching about some south Indian Literatures. Ever since I read Yayati, I51vujhtlpl-_sx323_bo1204203200_ got curious to discover more such novels from the South Indian Library. I came across a book called Khasakkinte Itihasam(The Legend of Khasak) a Malayalam(language spoken in the Indian state of Kerala) Novel by OV Vijayan. What caught my attention was to discover the fact that it took the author 12 years to complete the novel. It seemed extraordinary as the book had just around 200 pages. Why would it take 12 years to write 200 pages? Couldn’t it have been written in one year? I could feel  that the author must have put in lots of thoughts and so would have developed the novel slowly slowly over time.

I wondered about the longest time span I have taken to write a composition. I only write small articles, blog posts, poems and the longest span I could remember of holding back before publishing my composition was 2 days. Oftentimes, I am too eager to publish my post and try to finish it as soon as possible. I don’t even proofread it properly. Something keeps nagging me at the back of mind- ‘Oh it’s alright, Just publish it’ And I do publish it. And serenity dawns in my mind. Only then I read my composition most attentively on the live page and then panic to correct the errors.

It always enchants me to hear of people who take a long period of time to publish something. I am yet ignorant of the experience of devotedly working on a composition, holding back the temptation to share, and publishing it only after taking it to perfection. But I do aspire to do it sometime. Have you ever worked devotedly for any composition, that took you a very long time to finish it?


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Turning the Pages: A Look at the Sketchbooks of Artists

I think many carry along with us the latent desire to express through art.In our primes, we find crayons and brushes quite fascinating as they help us paint the world we see and recreate them with our imagination.This manifestation expresses our inner feelings via the different choice of colours we use, the contour of lines we draw and the subject we focus in the painting.Rarely do we realize that such impulses are borne out of the soul’s craving to absorb the subtlety of that experience.I am glad to find this post, which features the work of some very passionate artists(bloggers).Their beautiful artworks seem to rekindle that dormant spirit of painting that lurks within us waiting to come out!This post imparts an inspiration, profound and satisfying!


Spend some time in your Reader poring over tags such as illustrated journaling, sketching, and Moleskine…if you dare. You risk surfacing hours later, awed by contour, renewed by hues, and sated by art.

Here’s just a small sample of artists we love who share their work on WordPress. Lose yourself in their blogs. The visuals — and the stories behind them — are well worth the risk.

Drawn In

Jean’s kept a journal since 1988 and teaches workshops on illustrated journaling and drawing the elements of nature. Indulge in some of her favorite journal pages.

A self-taught watercolorist, Jean Mackay immortalizes the ephemera of everyday life at Drawn In, where she shares pages from her illustrated journals. “I always aim to make my journal pages reflect something meaningful or interesting from my experiences,” she says. “As you can see from my sketches and paintings…

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I just received this realization in the fleeting hours of solitude! I need to keep reminding myself about this more often now! I am sharing this realization to increase it’s energy so that I think of it more and don’t pretend that I have forgotten it!


(Oh and I am excited to see that I have devised a quote of my own that I can boast about! This being the first quote of my “quote career”!)