Single Tasking or Multi Tasking?

When I was in college, and preparing for my interviews, one question that needed to get prepared for was ‘Are you multi tasking ?’ I always thought of the answer in affirmative. The memory of working on my laptop, doing digital designs, with a text book open wide besides the machine, and a friend in the room to talk to, surely convinced me.

But now, here at the job I have begun to realise the fallacy of my proposition.In college, things were not as serious as here.I could take a chance of being casual with my report writing, hoping one of my group memebers in the subject will correct any error. However, here the accountability lies solely upon me for my reports. I have to be careful and vigilant. Any discrepancy will attract hostile reponses during the meetings. While at college, mistakes could only lead to loss of some marks( which we never bothered about) here, mistakes mean not just being looked upon as lousy, but also unreliable and untrustworthy. Stakes are high.

In this context it becomes utterly necessary to be focussed on the task at hand, and complete it with undivided attention.

“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” – Alexander Graham Bell

A task completed with such mindset induces confidence and conviction during the presentation, and hence I arrived at the conclusion that I will be a ‘single tasking’ person.Though it doesn’t sound quite adventurous, yet, I am endorsing this thinking with a firm resolve. I realised that single tasking also helps maintain a peace of mind.Doing too many things at the same time may sound like they all will get finished soon, but it burns up the mental energy too fast and in the end, nothing is accomplished properly.(while the mind continues to be in agitation)

Multitasking gone mad.

I have extended this thought to my day to day life too. Single tasking, in all my endeavors. While reading, no music. While music, no walking on streets. While talking on phone, no writing my reports, and while surfing internet, no more than 2 tabs at a time! I want the peace to reign my time! Single Tasking is the norm from hence.

(PS.- Today I got the notification of having completed 1 year on WordPress.The message made me smile.I used to write on blogspot initially.I tried to recall how I had decided to start on WordPress.I can’t recall.I think I had started just like that.It was a great decision, though. It changed my life. I found a great community here.I feel immensely contented and happy to be a part of this world. )



Back to Blogosphere!

Hello everyone! I really missed WordPress a lot! I have moved to a new city and had last one month devoted to finding a new home, buying stuffs of livelihood, and settling down. I had no internet connection all this while.And it is today I got access request approved to surf the internet on my office computer.I was happy to see wordpress is not blocked here.Though Facebook, Twitter and most of the other social media sites are blocked for everyone except one person, who handles the social media marketing.

Corporate life is going on well.Our Marketing Department is full of lively people and it is always merry around here. We are working on many marketing campaigns for our company.It feels great out here.

I really missed all the bloggers and their nice works.I am sorry for replying late to all the comments I had received.I will get an internet connection at my new flat as well, probably by Saturday.I am excited to see what new collections all the bloggers have added to their libraries! And I have to write the review for a book for the recycled book reading challenge.I will be late.I had to post it yesterday, but the issue of internet has caused the delay.I will post it by Sunday.

This is just a quick update! I hope to come roaming around your blogs soon! Hope you all are doing well! I really missed you all! Thank you so much! I am feeling happy to return back to this space.:)