Oak and Bathsheba

I have never liked a book’s character so much as I loved the characters penned by Thomas Hardy in Far From the Madding Crowd. There is Gabriel Oak, a sincere friend, a capable shepherd and a man of principles; and there is Bathsheba Everdene, the mistress of the farm, free spirited, vanity laden and possessor of an uncertain temperament. Their friendship makes quite an interesting story as it dwindles, topples, soothes and balances.

I was tempted to make some artwork this Saturday evening and the thought of  ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’ came quite vividly to my mind . The story of these two nice people, under the backdrop of a country side, with sheeps and greenery and everything that reinforces the thought of a simple, ‘close to the Nature’ life, has created a long lasting impression in my mind.


Hence I got a white chart paper and began to draw a scene out of my imagination, trying to depict Oak and Bathsheba. I wanted to draw trees and that they will be walking through the woods. Gabriel will have a very simple dress and Bathsheba will be dressed in some bright color. Gabriel will be doing some act of help as was his nature in the novel. So I showed him carrying a basket of apples on a stick, which he puts across his shoulders and walks merrily on the path. Bathsheba walks along with him and talks with him, probably taking his suggestions on the decisions she wishes to implement in the farm.

I couldn’t paint the path which I realized I should have painted first, before painting the two people.So I left the path white.Also, I had drawn a sheep in the beginning but it was not looking like any sheep I have ever seen so I erased it at last.

Finally I had this painting…I m glad I could make it..it is my tribute to the wonderful novel that has so enraptured me with all it’s beauty of storytelling; and the two characters whose nature and personalities have acquired a distinctive space in my mind.

Oak and Bathsheba, Far From the Madding Crowd.

“They spoke very little of their mutual feeling; pretty phrases and warm expressions being probably unnecessary between such tried friends”


Word High July: Humaling


Though a medical man by task,

But few patients came, alas

So while waiting one to arrive

Bloomed his deep fondness to write.


A Study in Scarlet, his first tale

About a detective without a fail

Thrilled the readers down to the bones

And bravo! The world had Sherelock Holmes!


– r prab


(This is a tribute to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the man who created Sherlock Holmes! Doyle, by profession, was a physician and this fact has ever fascinated me that it was while waiting for the patients to arrive, who came very rarely, his extreme fondness towards writing stories got a chance to prosper. He composed A Study in Scarlet, the first novel which introduced Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to the world. It was published in 1880. Doyle later said he was inspired by his University professor Joseph Bell, considered to be a pioneer of ‘forensic pathology’- using science for criminal investigation, to create the character of Sherlock Holmes.  I would say, if you have an extreme fondness towards doing something, it finds its way to bloom anyways! The above painting that I made is after referring the image of Conan Doyle’s writing room, which I found on Wikimedia.)


Arthur Conan Doyle’s writing room, Groombridge, UK


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Word High July : Muni Muni


Lying flat on ground and

Looking up the sky

Contemplating of  life and

Thinking all the ‘Whys’

-r prab

(I have a curious mind and have often experienced the spells of deepest contemplation while lying down and staring at the sky.No wonder the colossal canvas of heaven imbues the mind with depth and inquisitiveness similar to itself! And I am pleased to share this artwork!  Following the posts of Carolina, Carol, and Tonya, over past several months motivated me to start doing some paintings. : ) It’s been almost 10 years since I left the drawing books! I hope this renewed inspiration and a little practice will help me get better at it! :  ) )


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3 Day Quote Challenge II, Day 2

On this 2nd day of the 3 day quote challenge, I feel fortunate to note that on this date 15th April , far back in the year of 1452  one of the greatest artists we have known, was born.

Leornado Da Vinci, when I had first heard this name, I only remember him being referred to as one of the greatest genius of all time. I was curious to know more, and what I discovered next was the remark- he painted the most famous painting in history- The Mona Lisa.

This guy seemed to have done everything that included the words ‘greatest’ and ‘in all of history.’ I recall examining his sketches about some flying machine, published in a magazine.It had thrilled me, because I had never known an artist with such inclination towards scientific inventions too.

I remember watching a documentary about him which depicted how strange a person he was.He would often disappear for days, then come back with new ideas- nobody could decipher where he would suddenly get ideas from.Some claimed he had contact with extraterrestrial beings. That just made his personality even more outlandish.

The peak of my fascination with him was reached upon reading Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. I believe most of us would have got enraptured with his mysticism after reading that absorbing fiction.Mysteries hidden in paintings! Secret paths, Secret societies! Whew!

I always regarded Da Vinci with awe because of his versatility.(He is even said to be able to write and paint simultaneously with both his hands)  I invariably held that we should learn from  him, that the pursuit of knowledge doesn’t need to be restricted  to one domain.At the end every knowledge will culminate to help us understand a greater truth.

Like, Da Vinci learnt about so many things- his interests included such myriad of fields as  invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, writing, history, and cartography.Ultimately all these understandings would have influenced his mind to become a better artist.Who knows he might have used a principle from music theory for the selection of colors for his painting! When you know so much, you can just play with theories and create magnificent things!


 I wanted to pay tribute to this great artist today,so I made these posters using the pictures of some of his famous paintings along with his timeless quotes.

(You may notice a ‘G’ logo in each poster. That is the logo of the Creative Club of our university.The club is called ‘GrayScale’.I had to post these pics there too so I have kept the logo in each of them.)



I am grateful to Spiritual Journey for kindly nominating me for this challenge! At her blog she has an archive of prolific quotes, motivational stories and compelling spiritual thoughts that will surely impart you with profound perspectives about life! Do visit her blog!

Furthermore, I am grateful to Ebby for also nominating me for this challenge! Ebby is a wonderful conversationalist and she writes about social issues she feels deeply about! A charming and lively personality who writes lucidly, you would surely like reading through her blog.

Thank you very much!