Guardians of Debsville-Fiona

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to hang out with an old group of friends of mine.Sitting by the river side, we recollected our old days- our other friends, our school teachers- the childhood adventures – and talked about several memorable episodes from the past.

Then slowly we began to remember about some more people in our class, – the one who never talked with anyone and sang old songs to himself on the last bench, the one who left our school very early because their parents had moved, the one who would confine herself only to her group of three friends and avoiding everyone else.. we started recalling their faces- we started recalling their names.We began to identify them with excitement one by one, and it felt thrilling, like finding an old book,which was thought to have got lost.In some cases I could recall the face, but couldn’t recall the name and in some cases it was the opposite. I began wondering what they would be doing now-how they would look now.. they never stayed in contact with any of my friends..I started to think about them curiously!We each started sharing some little incidents that had happened with them.I thought it will be thrilling to meet them again.Though in past, we never talked or became friends, their presence did form a part of good old memories.

As I had gone through this reverie of sentiments, I came across Deb’s post today, in which she has paid tribute to a similar classmate, whom she met in a very miraculous way, 20 years later!She had gotten herself into a little trouble and then,upon the streets, as if by some divine arrangements, she met this person! The incident that happened and the beauty with which Deb has narrated it, made me feel deeply connected and appreciate it wholeheartedly! 🙂 I want to share her story!
-Thank you for this post, Deb! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Guardians of Debsville-Fiona

  1. Great story on the linked blog post.

    I can’t remember a lot of the people from school – it seems that so much has happened in the meantime that it must be an age ago. Although, there are some people that just stick in my mind and I’m not sure why.

    I’m always amazed when people remember me. How did I make such an impression.

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