Word High July: Gunita


Unbound Store of Memories

The Nature’s present moment

Is the existing territory

Even the second just passed

Is now a file in memory


The Nature, all her works

Since eons in the past

Preserved data in the brains

We are Nature’s database so vast


Ever since the creation of life

Love hatred hopes and vice

Every observation we ever made

Gathering experiences far and wide


A video recorder to save the motion

We keep a camera to click

Moments of our lives that matter

In computers and hard disks



A memory device our brain

With the mysterious sub-conscious mind

We are Nature’s hard disks where

Everything about everything (since eternity) she can find


-r prab


(This may sound an eerie composition. But I think our capability to remember things , is miraculous and mysterious. It is only because we have a memory, we can perceive the flow of time, otherwise it will all be just a ‘Now’ , no ‘Past’.

When I was studying electronics in college I realized how complex it is to store bits of data in electronics circuit. To comprehend what happens in our minds, so much more powerful and dynamic, with a mysterious ‘sub conscious’ part always made me wonder. We don’t even know how much we know. The dreams and strange recollections always mystify us. We may never know the full truth. I wonder that if we cannot control the memory of our own subconscious mind, who does? May be Nature will reveal to us someday.)

In response toΒ Word-High July: 30 Beautiful FilipinoΒ Words: Gunita






18 thoughts on “Word High July: Gunita

  1. Very true. I have shared a memory on my blog about something I experienced as a 7 year old child. The truth is no matter how long it has happened, the brain is able to store the information and retrieve it when we need it or least expect it. I like this post

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  2. That is such a very brilliant metaphor and observation! That is true. Our mind is (i think) mor complicated than computers. That’s because it is made by the highest being. πŸ™‚
    Great wise piece! πŸ™‚

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  3. We don’t know how much we know, but we know there is always much more to learn. Like with Illustrator or Excel or any of those programs, no matter how much we learn, there is so much more that we are capable of doing. We just barely scratch the surface.

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