Word High July: Habilin

Safekeepers of Memories


Ago some decades back

Memorable moments in sacks

Pictures polaroid print

Manuscripts brown tint

Locked in albums, closet

No great gandfathers forget

Keys to the safe,passed

Generations downward

In elapsed era eventual

We built homes virtual

All memories in pixels hung

On walls Facebook, clung

And bits bytes MBs GBs

Of memories entrusted in PDs HDs

And the manuscripts now express

Etched vividy on WordPress

With a locked safe register

Of letters numbers special characters

Memories these will safely stay

To cherish during virtual walkway

Our rich history for futures revealed

By safekeepers, unconcealed


-r prab.

(Source of above image: OnlineFreeLogo )

In response toΒ Word-High July: 30 Beautiful FilipinoΒ Words: Habilin






17 thoughts on “Word High July: Habilin

  1. Very interesting poem. Safe keeping things I always wonder is it better for them to be virtual or in some physical form. For instance, you can scrapbook pictures online but you can also physically do this in albums physically . I like doing it off line.

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    • Oh Thank you Maria! You know, these lines incorporate a thought of mine, in which I feel that our ancestor’s memories are locked somewhere in closet, and though some of them see light, we never know how many don’t. But we, virtual people will have our memories left in open, unconcealed. I find this idea very interesting! πŸ™‚


  2. I’ve often had these same thoughts – not quite so eloquent – well done!!

    I scrapbook, make virtual albums, have digital images and photo books printed….to what end? Momentary satisfaction? Physical visual bliss? If memories are preserved on an inanimate object, non-living object – if our images are preserved on artificial intelligence – does this diminish the beauty and grandeur of our lives? I wonder….

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